dutchmariam Cap d' Agde 2018
dutchmariam on the swingers beach in Cap d 'Agde ......    Cum shower ......

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The first day on arrival at the campsite, sex at my site next to my camper.

I hadn't even unscrewed my awning yet, but with such a nice neighbor next to me I found it difficult to put up my front tent.

So the first afternoon at the campsite
immediately started with a wonderful fuck.

I also like nice and horny games, as you can see here at a dress party at the campsite.

Finally I am on the hottest swinger beach in Europe .... Le Cap d 'Agde South France. Greetings from me from this lovely beach.

All afternoon he had watched my sexual adventures but had not participated. At the end of the beach day he still wanted to cum. I played with him for a while.

What more can you do on a sex beach than having sex, which is why I thoroughly enjoy it here.

How nice it is to have a man in your hands who shudders with pleasure. Come on nice and well, because cumming is a wonderful feeling, I know all about it. Br Hi Hi ....

I also have a lot of fun with couples. He had become so horny that two women were busy with him that after two minutes of fucking me, he had a huge explosion.

Just sitting next to a man in the village and playing with him is also a lot of fun. the result is clearly visible in this photo.

Sometimes I meet a Dutch tourist and fan of mine in Cap d'Agde and yes, when he tells me that he has been following me on my website for years, I reward him with a spontaneous hand massage and soon he came ready as seen.

The clubs are usually very busy so I mix with the club visitors and enjoy the horny sex.

Men often come to have a chat with me and soon I see that something is starting to grow in them. I can't resist playing with it for a while, with the result that he sprays his warm sperm into the sand like here.

I can also enjoy myself with groups of men. After they had put their condom on neatly I had a nice fuck with three of them and I finished a few times.

Everyone sees of course what I do here on the swingers beach and many men and couples come to sit near me. Some men ask if I want to play with them for a while and usually I do that for a while.

Have a rest in the late evening sun. Soon I will first eat in the swingers village and then enjoy a few hours in a swingers club.

I am very horny to be fucked in public so that everyone can see how I get fucked. Here with two men who are going to fuck me both.

Here I am in the mobile home of the neighbors at the back of the campsite. I am nicely fucked here by the neighbor while his wife takes the picture. She knows how to make the photo just right so you can clearly see how the neighbor slides his hard cock into my wet pussy.

I had already fucked with the man on the left this week, but I liked him so much that I wanted to have it with him again. I was fucking with the man on the right for the first time.

First let me grow a few cocks and then pick out one that I will fuck with first.

Two men, both of whom come from the Netherlands and who both came to me independently. Well that's nice ..... I gave both of them a reward ... Ha .... Ha ....

I asked the men who were around if he would fit ... and all oui, oui, oui and they were right, he fit perfectly and after a while he had filled his condom. (I made him unrecognizable because he has a wife and children).

On the beach, there are many men to choose from. I chose 5 men who wanted to cum on my breasts and stomach. See the result here.I have smeared all the sperm over my skin as a body cream because sperm is full of proteins. After 10 minutes of retreat, I started to rinse in the sea.

After I had completely rinsed off in the sea, I lay back on my towel and wondered how long it would be before men would come to me again. Well ...... within three minutes I had another visit.

Two men who came to sit with me and that was quite nice. The problem with me is that I can't get rid of their penis and soon they had grown and I had them ready for a while.

One thing led to another and soon I had a whole group of men around me. I thought we were going to do this and started a wonderful deduction session.

Of course I can also enjoy myself with a man. First he was nicely fucked with a condom and then he played with him nicely, sucked and finally he injected his warm sperm into the free world.

Men like to cum, so why shouldn't I play nice with them, which I really like to do and let them come delicious. Nice is not it.....

Well ok then, another cumshot but now on my stomach and then use it as a skin cream and massage the proteins into my skin. Proteins are good for your skin so why not?

Every day I have great fun here on the swingers beach of Cap d 'Agde. People leave home every day, but every day there are new people with whom I can enjoy myself.

There is also plenty to do at the campsite itself. Like here with a man in his tent on Allee Dune where we enjoyed each other.

And I also spent the evening well with Phillip in his caravan.

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