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Cap d'Agde is a world apart. It is a seaside village right next to the city of Agde. It is originally a naturist village which has grown into a summer resort for naturists, nudists, swingers and sex lovers.
The official info website can be found here.

Every year I spend three months during summer (July and September) and I always find it a shame to go back to the Netherlands at the end of the holiday. Well, in the village and on the beach you can not photograph, but everyone secretly does take a few photos. For example, a lot of photos were taken of me (you can see that later) and also from e.g. Naoni, a beautiful Frenchaise of which you can find many photos and videos on the internet. Here, too, you can find some recordings of her.

Furthermore, I have made more div photographs, and I have also received a number of photos through others or emailed to me so that you have 4 delicious view blank pages.
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Cap d'Agde.     dutchmariam.

Beach pavilion

Beach chairs on the beach

The loungers in the pavilion

The street along Port Nature

Port Ambonne entrance

The gardens between the villas

Series of Naomie on the beach of Cap d'Agde.
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Walking along Port Nature

Port Nature entrance

End of all pleasure

Courtyard with swinger club Heliopolis

Restaurants on the beach

Hotel EVE........

Some pictures of dutchmariam
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Three videos from Nomie.

Naomi video on the swingers beach Cap d'Agde.

Naomi video on the swingers beach Cap d'Agde.

Naomi video on the swingers beach Cap d'Agde.
Movies from Cap d'Agde

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Vacance libertine a Cap d'Agde

Here are three Cap d'Agde friends



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